14 Oct 2016

Energy for New York City: The City That Never Sleeps || Tampa Mama

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New York City

META InfluencerMy oldest children are in their pre-teen years. Last Christmas, we tried something new. My daughter had been constantly on us for a trip to NYC. I travel for work often to the City and she’s always wanting to tag along. Last Christmas, she opened a ticket to NYC. I didn’t give her the date (although you could do that too) but more the promise that we will plan a trip together and the visit.  The gift of travel and more experiential gifts area becoming more popular with our kids. They have come to the understanding that these trips do cost money and they have started to choose the experience over the toy. I’m loving that they are making that choice themselves too!

New York City

Fast forward to September, I booked our trip over a weekend. We left in the later evening and got into the City after 10pm. We would have two full days to explore the City and we would make every moment one to remember. Our motto for the weekend became “There’s no sleeping in New York City!” We did manage to catch a few hours of shuteye, but we definitely will sleep when we get home.

With some light planning and a little research, I built what I feel would be the perfect itinerary for 48 hours in New York City. We saw what we wanted to see. We didn’t feel rushed. We took time to just be in the city. Take in the sounds. The different neighborhoods. I wanted her to see New York City as the beautiful city that I know it is. The bright light. The tall buildings. The bustling streets. The gorgeous views. It’s a city unlike none you’ve ever seen.

New York City

When you are in New York City, it energizes you. The light, the sounds, the people, everything. It feeds you energy straight into your soul. With life as busy as it is with four kids, it was amazing to take this time and harness my energy into a most memorable experience that I will never forget. Raising four kids, having a career and balancing it all takes a lot of energy. Meta Daily Energy Support helps my body naturally produce energy throughout the day* so I can tackle what I have to do, and still have the energy left for what I want to do. Making memories while traveling with my kids and showing them the world is what energize me and fuels my soul.

It was a very busy and exhausting 48-hour trip for Mia and I. We laughed. We walked a million miles, hand in hand, exploring New York City and taking in every moment we had together. The memories we made will stay with us forever. She loved every minute of being in New York City for the first time. I’m convinced that this is not the last time they see her.

New York City


Thank you to Meta Wellness for partnering with TampaMama.com on this energetic trip of a life time. I’m so glad that I have the energy to never miss a moment!


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