This blog was actually started in 2004 and lived at http://tampamama.blogspot.com in 2004. I started it to keep my family in Chicago abreast of what life was like with my son, Jake. We soon after, added a baby girl, Mia to our mix and then a third child, Shelby, in 2009, and now we have sweet Baby Abby. Crazy, busy life…just like many other parents out there.

A little about me:  I am overly energetic, always busy, always moving, always “trying” to relax but rarely succeeding.  {Update: After baby #4, I have come to the conclusion that relaxing is a way of dealing with life and am happy to report I take things alot more laid back these days.} I would love to say I am a SAHM, but the truth is I work 24/7 just like the rest of the parents in the world. I have the luxury of seeing my kids off the school and picking them up, but my days are long and I am learning that the years are short. I have decided not to make this blog about anyone but me. My thoughts on this blog are more about what I would like others to know about having 4 kids, how I sometimes manage to keep it together and how I pick up the pieces after something breaks. Life isn’t perfect. Smoke and mirrors as I usually say…

I am also writing to help others explain what I have learned as a Mom raising 4 children, 3 of which have a rare condition: Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia. I couldn’t even pronounce the words, much less explain what we were living with when our first child was diagnosed. Now it is a part of our normal lives. No one is treated any different around here. Lots to do to keep these little ones healthy and lots to share as it IS such a rare condition that most people don’t ever hear about. I have found strong support groups online and other parents who live my life each day. Life is different taking care of a child or children with special needs. I have found that the C.A.R.E.S. Foundation has become my place of comfort. And I also am open to talking with parents that have children newly diagnosed with the condition. It’s alot to take in and I have been there first hand and can also offer support to those that might need it. I like to offer support on the importance of genetic testing, new born screening and life with special needs children.

I want to show that life is an adventure. Around every corner, near and far, one is dealt with a card and it is up to you to take it and make the most of it. We live a simple life in Tampa, raising our kids. Simple. I have meet so many great and amazing people on my journey so far, and I look forward to those who I will meet in the future.

Fine print… The writing, content and photos in this website are copyright protected and owned by Marisa Langford (unless otherwise credited) for Adventures of Tampa Mama. If you do feel like sharing (and by all means do so) but please give credit where credit is due. Thank you.


Obviously, I live in Tampa and love Tampa. I blog about what is going on in Tampa that might interest who live in Tampa. Follow me on Twitter at UCTAMPA (Urban Corridor Tampa) as I mainly tweet about what is happening in my neck of the woods that others might also want to know about. (I have a large network of friends in the community and they are the best and what they do here in Tampa. If I can be of assistance, let me know!)


My crew consists on 4 kids, 9-8-4 & 18 months. Yup. That’s alot of kids. Enough said. You get the picture.


Love to travel. Who doesn’t?! We live in the best place to do this. So being that writing is a hobby of mine, you can read all about my travel adventures on Trekaroo.com. Best family travel site around! And if you are ever wondering about how to travel with 6 suitcases, feel free to ask…I definitely have that question covered!


Because I have gone through 4 pregnancies and have 3 children with CAH, I am now open to talk about my experiences from the beginning. I knew nothing about CAH or that this condition ever existed. I will share what life is like raising kids with CAH, the precautions we take, how we go about our normal life and how I strive to make sure my kids are living healthy with CAH. If you have any questions, I am more than willing to talk about CAH and our lives.

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