24 Oct 2011

What Would I Say…

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I have alot of “what would I say” ideas if I were to ever see some of the people that have left this Earth way to early. I have have over 20 years to think about what I would tell my father if I saw him again. And more recently, what I would say to my father-in-law who left us just one year ago today. I would like to think that we would talk like old friends that hadn’t seen each other in a long time. I’m sure that he would want to know how the kids were doing.

Jake is just amazing. He’s such an amazing young man…so polite, handsome, wonderful to his sisters. He is becoming an amazing baseball player too. He’s so smart and we are so proud of him. Mia is my beautiful little girl. She is sweet funny and an amazing gymnast. She is in Kindergarten this year and is having a really great time in school. Each time she looks out the window, she searched for the biggest cloud and tells us that is where you are. And Shelby…I so wished that you could meet this sweet baby girl and see the person that she has grown into. She thinks she is pretty funny. She is spunky and gives the big kids a run for their money. She is a super active little peanut. And everytime she sits in her Daddy’s chair, she calls it Papa’s chair.

Chance is doing amazing. You would be so proud of all that he has accomplished in the last year. I wish that you could come to his office and see that he HAS an office. He is the reason that our family is doing as well as we are and we are proud of him too.

Each time we go to the farm, we think about all that you have left to us and for our kids. The Farm is still our special place to reflect on what family means, what life is all about and what the true meaning of life is all about. Yes, it’s kind of deep, but sometimes, we all need to stop, take time and think about what really matters in our fast paced life that we race to get through sometimes. One day at a time. We miss those that have past and we should cherish those that are still here with us.

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Marisa is a Mama to 4 kids and resides in Tampa, Florida with her family. Connect with her on Twitter @TampaMama to learn more about Tampa Bay and things to do with kids, Florida family travel, travel adventures and tips or her secret parenting tips for staying alive while wrangling 4 kids. She has a "official" business background in marketing + PR + events, but now plays daily with social media strategy, brand development and digital media. Days are long. Life is short.
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