28 Apr 2014

A Year Later: Keeping Promises

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One year ago seems like yesterday. I can recount every minute, every instance. Every person who helped. Every person who prayed. It seems so much like yesterday. And still brings tears thinking about how differently things could have turned out.

One year ago, I made promises. Many promises. I begged, pleaded and prayed. To any parent that has been in our situation with a sick child, a hurt child or was at the mercy of “someone” taking their child, you can understand, or you can imagine what you would do or what you would promise to have your child back.


I can’t believe it was one year ago, when life took a turn and handed us a curve ball we just couldn’t catch. Two kids in the Emergency Room and then in ICU was the nightmare we lived for a short while. I could have been worse. It was my worst. And at the time, when my life stood still, I dreamed about today. I offered up everything under the sun for my kids to be ok. I needed to get to tomorrow.  I said I would have sold my soul and I still would do the same thing.

But here we are. One year later. And I am keeping every single promise I made that day. Everyone is healthy. Everyone is happy. Everyone is here. At home. Life is normal.  Normal is good. And good, feels so so wonderful…

Today, I am watch Jake throw curve balls knowing that another one might come our way. At any given time. Without warning. We do our best to prepare, but it will never be enough. But I’m keeping those promises I made to Him give me faith that we are safe for now as we live for today, just incase tomorrow never comes.


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Marisa is a Mama to 4 kids and resides in Tampa, Florida with her family. Connect with her on Twitter @TampaMama to learn more about Tampa Bay and things to do with kids, Florida family travel, travel adventures and tips or her secret parenting tips for staying alive while wrangling 4 kids. She has a "official" business background in marketing + PR + events, but now plays daily with social media strategy, brand development and digital media. Days are long. Life is short.
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