30 Apr 2014

4 Reasons ALL Moms Should See ‘Moms Night Out’

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“I am a Mom and that is enough.”

“Being a Mom is… Important.”

What profound statements. Yes, we hear it all the time, but do you really understand the gravity of this job title? Last month, something happened that made me step back and think. I was invited to see the movie premier of Moms Night Out. Looked cute. Didn’t know too much about the film. But for some reason, I rushed around to after school activities, made dinner, had got ready (at 10am that morning) for the 7pm show (which I was late to), dropped the kids (literally-off) with Dad, so I could rush to see this movie. Why? I wasn’t sure. And actually, THAT almost didn’t happen because I this was my first “sneak peak” so I missed the introduction and almost got kicked out of the theater because I wasn’t following the rules (oops…my bad) that I didn’t know existed in screenings like this (but that’s another story) so moving on…

But…I’m so glad I made it to see the movie, because I haven’t stopped thinking about the message and I think I breath a little easier because of it. What was so profound about the movie you ask? Here’s my take and 4 reasons why if you are a Mother, you HAVE to go see this movie. (You can thank me later.)

1. They brought me in as the star of the movie. I mean, I think that the movie literally stole pages of my life (and many of my friends’ lives). They read my mind and said what I wanted people to hear about how we as as mothers, wives, friends, and women are protrayed. They nailed it. I don’t know how many focus groups they did to get the real life portrayal of what it is like to actually be in the trenches as a stay-at-home Mom or work-away-from-home Mom, but man, they got it.

2. They portrayed the struggles of motherhood out perfectly. Have you ever really seen your emotions run so bi-polar as a Mother? (Holla if ya hear me!) We can go from the highest of highs with life events like the birth of a child to feeling the lowest of lows when something devastating happens to one of our beloved family members. But it’s like that EVERY DAY! Rewarding and frustrating, hilarious yet traumatizing, exhilaration yet we feel so exhausted at the end if the day. No wonder our nerves are shot are tempers are short, our minds are fried and all we want to do at the end of the day is curl up in a corner, hide from the house, the kids, the mess or even tomorrow, yet we call this parenting gig the greatest thing that will have ever happened to us. It’s truly is bi-polar. Moms Night Out was able to capture those emotions and bring to the surface that we aren’t the only ones feeling that way. Many mothers feel the same way…many just don’t blog or display their emotions publicly so I get it…I’m not alone.

3. They said what every Mother wants, I mean NEEDS to hear. I laughed hysterically, I cried and really reflected about myself during this movie. {AND I was actually by myself! CRAZY! And hadn’t seen a movie in at least a year let alone had more than 5 minutes to my real self in what has felt like eternity!) I needed that hour and half of unplugged Mom time and the movie was a perfect reminder of why. I actually got it. What I was doing. Why I am doing it. It took an out of body experience for me to see someone else LIVING my life for me to step back…take a deep breath…before jumping back into what is previously thought of the shark infested waters of my life to see that my kids are not sharks, wantinand keep doing what I know I am awesome at doing. Just being a Mom. And that, my friends is enough. I have made peace with myself to get here.

4. I get it. And I hope I can remember it and maybe pass it on to someone else. Maybe you will see it and pass it along to someone else too.

I hope that ALL my friends go to see this movie. And with Mother’s Day coming up soon, perfect timing. Moms Night Out is one of the best films I have seen in a LONG time. Treat yourself to a Moms Night Out to see it! (And DEFINITELY bring a friend! Call me…I’ll go with you!)

Moms Night Out Movie Review

Moms Night Out Movie Review

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