12 Feb 2016

Mama Needs A Break: A Cheddar’s Giveaway 

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Four kids. Work. Life. (I know… I’m getting tired just talking about my life.) Sometimes you just need a break. From it all. And after a long day of running around with kids, as much as I want to cook a home cooked meal, I’m E X H A U S T E D! But there’s nothing that I love more than my whole family sitting around a dinner table. 

 I love cooking fresh scratch meals and I’m really a good cook, but on a night that I just want to relax, Cheddar’s Fresh Scratch Kitchen is the perfect place to do just that without the guilt of not cooking. It’s just like being in someone else’s kitchen! 


Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen is growing the Tampa Bay area (with four locations) and we are so excited they are here in new parts of town! The atmosphere is warm and inviting and the tables are reminiscent of the ones in your kitchen. Everyone is at the table but this time, no one has to get up and my main job is taking, listening and sharing a meal with my kids. 

As a Mom of four, cooking that ONE meal that everyone enjoys is like winning the lottery. I have a few of those in my reserves, but most of the time, I feel like a short order cook, cooking things to please the permanent guests of my home. 


At Cheddar’s, the menu selection was impressive. My favorite reason: most everything was made from scratch, down to the ketchup at your table (low in sugar and just a few ingredients). If I had all the time in the world, I’d love to make EVERYTHING from scratch, but it just doesn’t happen like I want it to all the time, so I’m glad that there are places like Cheddar’s that take the time to make easy items like this because they know they taste better too!

My kids enjoyed browsing the menus and they too liked to know things were made from scratch. They do know that things “out of a box” just aren’t as good as from scratch.

We started with Onion Rings. Hand made with two homemade sauces. Delicious. The entire stack was gone in an instant.

The portions were large so we shared a few items and even took home left overs. 

My kids literally cleaned their plates. 

Parents feel the pressures of making the perfect home cooked from scratch meal and society expects us to be everything to everyone. But we are human. We only one person and we are always trying the best we can. And that’s always the most anyone should ask of us.




I’m giving away four (4) $25 gift cards to Cheddar’s Fresh Scratch Kitchen. To enter, follow the link below! Leave a comment and tell us what you like most about sitting down as a family for dinner. Good luck and we hope your family as just as good of a time as we did. 

{RULES: Comment before February 19th, 2016 at 11:59pm to be eligible to win. Winner will be selected at random and notified by e-mail. If winner doesn’t respond within 24 hours, another winner will be chosen. One entry per email address. Gift card will be shipped upon confirmation of address within 7 business days.}

When you sit at the table with your kids, it should be a time to connect. Fresh, from scratch homemade food just makes the whole experience that much better. 

My kids will one day be off to college, living on their own, maybe in a different state. I’m cherishing this time we have together because I’m sure to look back on it and wonder where the time went.

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Marisa is a Mama to 4 kids and resides in Tampa, Florida with her family. Connect with her on Twitter @TampaMama to learn more about Tampa Bay and things to do with kids, Florida family travel, travel adventures and tips or her secret parenting tips for staying alive while wrangling 4 kids. She has a "official" business background in marketing + PR + events, but now plays daily with social media strategy, brand development and digital media. Days are long. Life is short.
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15 Responses to “Mama Needs A Break: A Cheddar’s Giveaway ”

  1. Reply Manda says:

    I like the conversation.

  2. Reply David says:

    Our kids are always running around somewhere or playing in their rooms, so dinner time is one of the few times that they are somewhat obligated to spend time with us. We have game nights too, but dinner happens every night.

  3. Reply Laura R. says:

    The thing I love most about sitting down with my family to eat is the ability to actually sit doe and enjoy my babies face to face. If I’m home and cooking I’m constantly up and down getting food or drinks, etc…I love when that job is someone else’s for the night! We will be expanding our crew this year and it would be nice to have more time together before we get crazier by our plus one 😉

  4. Reply Itzy says:


    Where is the link to register for the giveaway?
    Thank you.

  5. Reply Vangie Rodgers says:

    I first went to a Cheddars Scratch Kitchen in San Antonio, Tx, wIth my son & his family. I am so excited they have opened in Tampa because it is a great place to take the family. Such a large selections on the menu that will accommodate every ones taste! Such a relaxed atmosphere ( fun place because of how it is decorated). I would highly recommend this Cheddars Scratch Kitchen!!!

  6. Reply Sonja says:

    Love this restaurant! Great options for every palette! Days are certainly busy with my three boys (4,3, &1). Dinner time is a fun part of the day where we can re-cap the silly things we did and even the not so silly things (I like to ask where can we improve our behaviors- including me!) At this age, everything they say cracks us up. ☺️

  7. Reply Neiddy says:

    What I like most about sitting down as a family for dinner is that we get to enjoy time together, talking and connecting with each other without any interruptions (electronics) Thanks for the chance to win!

  8. Reply Cathy says:

    I love dining together with my family because it gives us a chance to catch up, laugh and share great food. The most special family meal tradition takes place during holiday meal where wpass a plate of blessed bread or wafers around one by one and tell the family member next to us why we love them and what we are thankful for with them. There is nothing in this world better than a family meal.

  9. Reply Kim Mercado says:

    Being that I am a full time working mom I don’t make it home until dinner time and about 10 minutes from home I start to get excited that one of my favorite times of day is coming – DINNER TIME. This is a favorite time of day because we are able to sit down as a family a recap the day and share what the day was like. Nia, my mom and myself sit down as a family at least 6 days of the week and during this time we share the days events. How was school, what did you do, what was the best part of the day, if something happened what can be done have a better day, how was work, it is a time to reflect and make memories together. Growing up I always sat at the table with my mom and we shared our day and now me and Nia are keeping the tradition going. I see before my eyes she is growing up fast and one day she will be on her own and our dinner time will be a memory of the past but hope that when we get together it will be a memorable time.

  10. Reply Tracie O'Nolan says:

    We love having family conversations around any table!

  11. Reply Cynthia says:

    I love taking a break and sitting around the table and having fun family time!

  12. Reply Itzy says:

    We love that the whole family is together in one place. Because of our busy schedules this is the only time we all coincide. We also love talking about how our day was and making plans for the weekend.

  13. Reply Samantha says:

    The best thing about sitting down with my family for dinner, is no distractions. We turn off the TV, iPads, & phones and just enjoy each other. We play the roses and thorns game – What is the best part of your day and what was the worst. It’s like a tune up for your family, every night.

  14. Reply Bert says:

    I enjoy hearing what happened during the day. Sharing what GOD is doing. And how we handled everything.

  15. Reply Khandeece says:

    What I love most about sitting down as a family and eating dinner is the chance to catch up with everyone and share good laughs. I’m currently away at college, so whenever I get the chance to sit down for a meal with my family at home, I truly cherish it. Also I love Cheddar’s! Everything is so delicious and I love that their food is made from scratch.

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