04 Jan 2017

Thanking Teachers Who Go The Extra Yard: Extra Yard For Teachers Summit in Tampa Bay || Tampa Mama

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Profe Sayler has continued to teach her Grandchildren into retirement.
My Mom, also known as Profe Sayler by her students, recently retired with 40 years of teaching students in the books. My Dad, will retire in the next year with just as many years in the system.  As luck would have it, they were also teachers of mine too. I can’t help but wonder how many lives they have impacted over the years…

Having both my parents as career educators, I have the utmost respect for this profession. I see teachers give from their heat and soul to kids because they know they can make a difference in one child’s life. I have seen first hand how they stay up late to grade tests, go in on weekends to volunteer at the school, help with school events, plan field trips that they know their kids will love, or just show up because they know that a student needs them. Weather it be buying clothes because they know the family of a student cannot afford it, buying classroom supplies using their own money or staying late at school because they know a child will benefit from the extra instruction, so many teachers go the extra yard each and every day in the classroom. I wish I could personally thank all the teachers who have made an impact on my life because every single one did have an impact. Some more than others, but each time I stepped into a classroom, I learned something new about a subject or about myself. Teachers truly shape who you are and they work tirelessly doing so. I can’t thank those who shape my future growing up enough for all they did for me that went unnoticed until I was older. I hope they know they are the unsung heroes of so many and their work lives on today.

Shelby has grown tremendously this past year within Ms.Alisa’s class.

The amazing Ms. Cissy who taught my children gardening and has instilled lessons that they will never forget.


Mr. Nate…an amazing teacher at Learning Gate Community School.

This year, Tampa is lucky enough to have the spotlight as the College Football Playoff National Championship will take place at Raymond James Stadium on Monday, January 9th. Additionally, the CFP Foundation will host the Extra Yard for Teachers Summit set to take place in Tampa on January 7th.

At it’s core, the Summit invited all of us to connect with the remarkable possibility and passion of teaching.

The Extra Yard for Teachers Summit is a way to inspire and empower teachers in the Tampa. The event includes two sessions filled with stimulating speakers. Past speakers include Condoleezza Rice, former US Secretary of State; Charles Best, founder of DonorsChoose.org; Joey Galloway, College Football ESPN Analyst, and many more.

The morning speaker session will be followed by an afternoon of activities at our home base, the Teachers’ Lounge, to enjoy more inspirational speakers, energizing activations, refreshments and entertainment. The Teachers’ Lounge is open to ALL teachers – just show a faculty/staff ID!
I have recently partnered with the CFP Foundation to invite 4 local Tampa Bay area teachers to attend this once in a lifetime event! I am nominating Alisa Weaver, Nate Wolkenhauer, Bridget Cleary and Jamie Morgan. They are all local Tampa Bay Area teachers with hearts like gold. I could not have asked for better teachers for my children.
These are teachers that have all taught my children and give selflessly of themselves everyday. They are teachers that go the extra yard every day in the classroom for my children and every student that walks in their door. For everything that they do, there is no way to thank them enough for the profound impact they have had educating my children and making them better people.

I hope they enjoy the summit and will know how much their work is appreciated by me and many others.

You too can nominate a teacher for the Extra Yard for Teachers Summit here and if you are a teacher in the Tampa Bay Area, I hope you’ll stop by the event and enjoy yourself in the Teachers Lounge, open for any teacher with a valid teaching ID from any state! You deserve it!

In the words of Malala Yousefzai, “One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world.” And indeed they can.

Be sure to catch our WFLA TV segment with Gayle Guyardo too!

Mr. Nate and Ms. Alisa being interviewed for WFLA by Gayle Guyardo about being nominated to attend the Extra Yard for Teachers Summit.

To learn more about the CFP Extra Yard for Teachers and all the other exciting events taking place in the Tampa Bay Area that will benefit the CFP Foundation, click here for more information.

Pictured Above: My Dad and I…one of my best teachers ever!

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