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16 Aug 2016

#TuesdayWithAbby | Tampa Mama 

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Like peas + carrots 😍

My first #TuesdayWithAbby of the year. I started writing these last year and I can’t wait to start again.

Abby and I get a few days a week with each other. Alone and together. We do a bazillion things and we often lunch. But it’s at our lunches that I learn the most. These two are like peas + carrots. She loves him to pieces and I know the feeling is mutual. It’s amazing how much joy one little person can bring to someone else’s life. He’s the oldest and she’s the youngest. Best of friends these two.
Some of the most important life lessons come from just being around her to observe life. What she notices. What she says. How she behaves. How she loves.
I gain a new perspective from these children of mine. They are wise beyond their years. We should all just pay close attention sometimes.