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Real kids. Real Vacations. Really Honest.

These are the kids who live a life as it would seem that they are always on vacation. Albiet, we do live in Florida, we are always on the move to find new and fun things to so. And with the kids getting older and more capable to write full paragraphs, take digital pictures & compile stories, we will work together to tell stories together. We are already taking computer classes and teaching them how to type. I might not homeschool, technically, but these are VERY useful skills and the adventures are the fun part of the journey too!

We are looking for kids all over the world who might be interested in writing about their vacations too! E-mail us at or use the #KidsonVacation!

We are looking to teach kids about writing, exploring, editing, interviewing, digital photography, map reading skills along with real life skills too! Do you have a kid on vacation who would like to join us!?

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With summertime approaching, we have come up with an idea to incorporate learning and more while using travel as our guide. Summertime is coming and so are around 100 days of free time. With my kids still wanting to spend time with me, I have decided that we are going to start a project together this summer.

The big kids have decided the title: Kids on Vacation. We will be incorporating a ton of “school” stuff, like writing, planning, geography, story telling, creative writing, and so much more into our new project that we will share with kids and families everywhere. They will be in charge. They will be learning. Stay tuned for more about our summer 2014 project and what we will be up to!

Because we LOVE the concept of ROADSCHOOLING, we will be partnering with the family travel website, Trekaroo, and using their awesome RaodSchool Guides as maps of cool things to do. Check them out for ideas too!

Here are the kids that give opinions too!

Have a place you thing we could visit and write about? Let our Mama know…she has the keys to the car.