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Contributing as a freelance write, blogger, photographer, spokesperson has been an amazing opportunity for this blog. We take pride in all the articles we publish and love to cross collaborate with brands, publications, outlets and the likes. Working on photoshoots for or with brands, contributing blog content that speaks to the masses, are things we enjoy. Feel free to contact us via the “Work With Mama” page, and we are happy to discuss the possibilities!  They are truly endless!

{Header photograph taken on a photo shoot for Tampa’s Downtown by Foto Bohemia.}



 Published Travel Editorials

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Four Seasons Miami

Four Seasons Miami

Best Hotels with Kids in Tampa Bay

Best Hotels with Kids in Tampa Bay

Do you Trekaroo?

My kids and I are always on the hunt for adventure! Not only do we live in the great city of Tampa Bay, I also have traveled all around the country (only haven’t seen 3 states yet!) and am dying to take the kids to see every bit of it! Being that we live in Florida, which is kind of like a 24/7 vacation, I have landed a fun gig as the Florida Destination Guroo for Trekaroo– a travel website for kids, travel & tips! If you are traveling anywhere with kids, it is a great place to check out what there is to do before you get there! Here are some links to my published work.

Also, my kids have launched a summer project entitled: Kids on Vacation. We will be “roadschooling” all over the country and teaming up with other road schooling parents to go beyond the classroom and learn while out on summer break on vacation. Stay tuned to see what we are up to!

If interested in having us visit your destination or are interested in learning more about how to work with Trekaroo, please contact Marisa at

To see all of my passport destinations, where we’ve been and what we’ve learned, visit my profile on Trekaroo.