20 Jul 2011

My Summer Adventure in Michigan

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I haven’t been back to Michigan in 7 years.  My grandparents have yet to met Shelby.  I haven’t seen my California cousins in over 10.


When we pulled on to Green Highway, the same road that hasn’t changed in over 20 years, it still felt like home.  I always loved going to my grandparents home in Michigan.  It was so different than the city of Milwaukee that i grew up in.  It was so country.  I just loved it.

The kids were super excited to explore just like my sister and I would do as soon as we pulled up.  Tecumseh, MI is near Adrian, west of Ann Arbor.  This is the Michigan I remember and still love.

The kids were the hit of my Grandfather’s 80th birthday party.  The Saylers of Tecumseh are much like the Langford of Madison.  We had a huge family part, much like our every year family reunion that the Langford have.  It was great.  (And much like the Madison, FL we visit often.)


When you think of Michigan, you probally think of cars too.  And that’s what I think of too.  My grandfather and uncle rebuild cars as a hobby.  However, when they are finished with rebuilding thier cars, they look like they should be shown off in Jay Leno’s collection.  Amazing.  I remember going to the Frosty Boy in the ’55 with Grandpa driving me, my sister and my cousin.   Good time.


One of my new favorite cars is my Uncle Randy’s Shelby.  So of course, I took the opportunity to take a million pictures of MY Shelby in front of his Shelby.  It’s one for the scrapbooks.  Jake did think that the cars were pretty cool too.


And this is Shelby driving her car.


We kicked off the first leg of our midwest adventure with family time and are now headed toward Chicago for 2 weeks of relaxing in Crete and exploring Chicago.  I will always think of Michigan as home.  Because we live in FL, I don’t get the chance to see my whole family as often as I would like.  It is expensive and with kids, it is sometimes difficult to make the trip.  It was so nice to go back in time.  This was how I remember spending my summers.  On a farm in Michigan with family.  Maybe one day, they will be able to spend some of their summers in Michigan too.


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  1. Reply Gina Cornejo-Litke says:

    Yes! Michigan! I loved this entry! Beautiful depiction of our summers, and I love that it never changes, too…always a home to go to in Michigan.

  2. Reply Mom says:

    We had so much fun with you in Michigan! Every time we go there, we always talk about the great times we had when you and Gina were little, and now you were able to be there with your little ones…the new generation of Michiganders, and for Grampa Sayler’s 80th, no less! In a few years (when every one is tall enough!) we can all go to Sandusky, Ohio, and Cedar Point! Now THAT will be a trip down memory lane! Can’t wait!!!!

  3. Reply Grandma Sayler says:

    It makes Grandpa and I so happy that all your good memories of Michigan are still with you. You and Gina came into our lives a long time ago and the two of you were one the the best things to happen to us. I am so glad that you got to share your good times in Michigan with your kids. Remember on Thanksgiving when we walked to the park and played football? The Frosty boy and the baseball games. Eating popcorn and competing me against your mom as to who made the best corn. Christmas when we gave you and Gina the Cabbage Patch dolls. Now you have 3 cute little cabbage patch dolls of your own. Cedar Point, Oh the fun!!!!
    I hope that sometime in the near future you and Chance can bring the kids up and we aill all go back to Cedar Point. It would be so much fun. Just know Marisa that we love you and your family and it was such a treat to have you HOME to help celebrate Grandpas birthday. He has never been so pleased as to think that all of his family were here to enjoy his big day. COME HOME anytime. Love to all Grandma

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