22 Jul 2011

I am the Sleep Nazi

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There is one thing that I am very protective about. Aside from the normals, I am so protective about my kids sleeping. Why? Because if they wake up, then it’s me that has to do the work to get them back to sleep. Not you. ME!

I don’t know why this is such a hot button with me, but I don’t think that people understand that with 3 kids, I am working around the clock and once I get them all down for naps (Yup! They all take a 2 hour nap a day still…without a fight) or for bed, this time becomes so precious. I get to sit. Relax. Think. And what do we do with precious things? We protect them! So please don’t rock the boat if they are sleeping! When they are more self sufficient, go ahead. But for now, this Mama need more sleep than you can imagine so let’s jus TRY to be quiet if at all possible and the the little stinkers wake up on their own.

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Marisa is a Mama to 4 kids and resides in Tampa, Florida with her family. Connect with her on Twitter @TampaMama to learn more about Tampa Bay and things to do with kids, Florida family travel, travel adventures and tips or her secret parenting tips for staying alive while wrangling 4 kids. She has a "official" business background in marketing + PR + events, but now plays daily with social media strategy, brand development and digital media. Days are long. Life is short.
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