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28 Jun 2014

Summertime 2014: #kidsonvacation

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Summer is in full swing! Two weeks down! Photo dump Saturday! Lots of adventures and more to come.

18 Jun 2014

We Are The Lucky Ones

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“Mommy, I will eat all my green beans tonight!”

“Really?! Wow! Shelby, you are such a big girl!”

“I know! That way I can stay healthy and won’t have to get any more blood draws, right!? Because if I eat my green beans, I will be healthy and I won’t need to go to all the doctors any more because you only go to doctors when you are sick, and I’m not sick! I am healthy.”
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14 Jun 2014

The New Junior Ride-Along Program at the Richard Petty Experience at Walt Disney World

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“Is this your first time in a race car?”

This was the first question my son asks the VERY experienced driver about to take him on the ride of his life.

“Nope. Not my first time.” (I was hoping he’d say yes and see how my would react.)

I about died laughing! I was replaying this amazing experience at home last night, and watched it from my nine year- old sons perspective of what it was like to drive in a 600 horse power NASCAR race car at the Richard Petty Driving Experience for a Junior Ride-Along.
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14 Jun 2014

Today’s Life Lesson: It’s Not Good Bye. It’s See You Later. (Among Other Lessons Learned From A Military Family)

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Teaching life lessons to our kids seems to come more often as they get older. Maybe that’s because they understand better and can actually comprehend what is going on, now that they are the wise old age of 8.

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10 Jun 2014

Planning Press Trips with Kids 101

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So if you have been following my Twitter feed over the past 24 hours you might have guessed that I am attending the PRSA Travel and Tourism conference in this beautiful city of Tampa Bay. Lucky for me, I only live 5 minutes away from where the conference is being held, but I also was honored to speak about a few of my favorite things: family travel, social media, press trips, travel, partnerships and PR. I was fortunate enough to be on a panel with Angie Orth of Angie Away and Lee Abamonte, the infamous youngest person to travel to every country in the world on a panel called Dive into Digital: Go Beyond the Traditional Press Trip. These two are travel experts and have so many tips to share every time they talk. My addition to the panel was family press trip planning and how to travel with kids. (And I hope I didn’t scare either Lee or Angie from having kids sometime in their life!)
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06 Jun 2014

75 Things To Do in Tampa Bay Over Summer With Kids on Vacation

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Tampa Bay Kids on Vacation

Today is day 1 of 75 glorious days of summer. Oh to be a kids again!
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02 Jun 2014

Best Swimming Lessons for Kids in Tampa Bay

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My fourth little one has finally started swimming lessons. Being that she is 22 months old, I know she should have started younger, but that’s another story.

Living in Florida, swimming lessons are a must. Early on. No matter what. We have lakes, rivers, pools and the Gulf of Mexico in our backyard and don’t you want your child to have fun enjoying all that Florida has to offer?

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01 Jun 2014

Best Poolside Cocktail

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Lazy summer days are here and this cocktail will have you enjoying your summer days at the pool or on the porch. This drink is summer in every sip.


Simple Sunshine

2 oz Vodka or Gin
4oz Diet Tonic
4oz Grapefruit Juice (must be real… I prefer Simply Grapefruit)
Squeez of lime
Lime or Pink Grapefruit wedge to garnish

Delicious. Refreshing. PERFECT!