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30 Jul 2014

Definitely Meant To Be

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Two years ago, I couldn’t wait to have my last baby. I was sure that it would be the last one…definitely sure. They say you’ll know when your ready to say, enough is enough. This was it.

I was definitely ready to move on to the next chapter in my own life. No more babies meant… well, I’m still not sure what that means. But I knew for sure I never wanted to be pregnant again.

I weighed in at 190 pounds on day 273 of this 4th pregnancy. With her foot in my ribs, my feet swollen like sausages, my “over this” attitude and the many battle scars that I will take to my grave, I couldn’t get to the hospital to get this show on the road.

But a few hours later, I laid my eyes upon a small child that I would do anything for. Safe in my husbands arms, was this tiny baby that was given to us for some reason. She would be the last baby to complete our family.

Two years have gone by and I definitely know that she was meant to be here. My biggest lesson learned from Abby will always be patience. We have all learned to slow down, smell the roses along the way and that nothing lasts forever. Abby Gene was definitely meant to be here and I’m so happy she’s ours.





28 Jul 2014

Free Tampa Lowry Park Zoo Admission for Active Military in August

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Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo is celebrating August — Family Fun Month — with a sizzling summer offer of free weekday admission for members of the U.S. military (active duty, retirees and veterans) and Florida-based first responders.* The month-long opportunity is the first of its kind for the Tampa Zoo, one of the Sunshine State’s top cultural attractions and a world-class family destination.

For more information and to register as an official first responder, visit the official Lowry Park Zoo website!

20 Jul 2014

A Little Life in Pictures: Tips for Better Pictures on Social Media

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Happy Sunday! I enjoy taking pictures, especially of my kids. It’s not an unknown thing as most of the time I’m the one snapping away. So it’s not surprising I have over 5,000 photos on my phone. So why not share! I obviously have enough to go around. And if I don’t, what good do they do just sitting on my computer. Maybe they will make someone else’s day.

Ameture Photo Tip:

All of my pictures are taken on an iPhone 5s. If you want better pictures, consider using a photo editor on your phone. I LOVE Fotor. Once edited, share on your social networks! Guaranteed you’ll love your photos.

And if you want to edit online, PicMonkey is da BOMB! You can thank me later!

xo~ Marisa

PS…Do you use a photo editor? If so, which one and why?! I’m always into learning new tricks too!











12 Jul 2014

Just One Person

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Do you know the power of one? One voice. One friend. One person helping you out when you most need it. Almost ten years ago, I wrote my first blog post. I started using social media (before that was really even a word) to start a stream of pictures that my parents could easily access anytime they wanted to see their first grandchild. I didn’t know that that other people would read my posts, see what we were up to or connect with me because they found someone who might be able to help.

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08 Jul 2014

Marvel Universe Live Tampa Bay Giveaway

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Our favorite venue to go and see shows with the kids is by far the Tampa Bay Times Forum! The shows are of the highest caliber and we never have a blocked view!
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07 Jul 2014

Dear Summer…Please don’t end.

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Definitely one for the books. We are livin’ it up this summer in every possible way. Life is too short not too. I know it can be hard having the kids “home” but honestly, I have no desire to spend lots of money on camps, just to have them not want to be home with me. The time will come when they will want to hang more with friends and less with us. It’s around the corner and will be here before I know it. I’m sure I will blink and beg for these days to return. So I try to remember that when 4 kids gets the best of me and I want to do is wave the white flag for the day.

But for now, today, I’m basking in the sounds of little kids laughter… smiles for miles about frozen yogurt, pool dates, play dates and movie nights with popcorn.

Yes, it’s a challenge when one works, but for now, for this year, I’m going make like I won the lottery and keep livin’ the good life. After all, it’s called summer vacation for a reason.


04 Jul 2014

Simply Summer: American Made

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My husbands favorite holiday. I think it is because it feels like classic summer time and childhood memories. Love this great country and blessed to raise kids here. Happy July 4th!


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