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26 Sep 2014

5 Tips To Survive a Hospital (AKA Parent Prison) Stay With Your Child

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For me, a hospital is very much like the only prison I will ever know. I watch a few random prison TV shows (who doesn’t) and have seen OITNB and feel like a hospital stay with kids is very similar. You have to know the tricks to survive. It keeps you away from loved ones. Some people on the “inside” can tell you the reality of how it is and what you need to do to survive. And if you make enemies, watch out. Because they will hold your freedom (discharge papers) hostage or at least tie them up in approval land and it could take much longer for you to leave.

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24 Sep 2014


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The definition of the word ‘blindsided’ is to catch (someone) unprepared.

Ummm … that word ‘unprepared’ is not in my vocabulary if you know me, yet that’s how this life with CAH works.

This was yesterday. Y E S T E R D A Y.

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24 Sep 2014

Having 4 Kids Means Having Your Hands Full … But Not For Long

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Scene: A lady walks into Target with 4 kids. You immediately say, “Boy! You sure you have your hands full!”
I hear it 15 times a day or more.
You don’t say! Really? 

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22 Sep 2014

Where Did September Go?

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It’s always the quickest month of the year. Full of new routines, new schedules and a world of possibilities for what’s to come ” this year.” Can’t keep up… But here’s a glimpse of what we’ve been up in pictures.

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03 Sep 2014

Best Family Events in Tampa -Fall/ Holiday 2014

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It’s that time of year again when the City of Tampa puts out some AMAZING holiday and fall family fun for everyone to enjoy! My family has attend all these events in the past and LOVES them all! These are somebody the many reasons I LOVE Tampa and enjoy living in the City of Tampa!

Here are a list of upcoming events. More information can be found on the City of Tampa website.

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