24 Sep 2014


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The definition of the word ‘blindsided’ is to catch (someone) unprepared.

Ummm … that word ‘unprepared’ is not in my vocabulary if you know me, yet that’s how this life with CAH works.

This was yesterday. Y E S T E R D A Y.


And then like out of the clear blue skies, here we sit today. In the PICU.


This room I’m watching Abby sleep in now is cold and dark. A glimmer of light from the window shines in where I see the blue skies outside… The outside we should be playing under.

This condition has little warning of how it attacks their bodies. The slightest fever can spike a chain reaction. And without medical attention, not sure I would want to find out what would happen then.

So here we sit and here I wait. Just like before, a short 17 months ago, when we were in the two rooms next door with her brother and sister. Abby’s doing much better than this morning. But still no word on why we spiked this fever, but nonetheless, still sick.

We are always so blindsided when this happens. You can’t plan for it. You just have to accept it. Pray it will run it’s course so life can continue as normal.

Because normal is so awesome and so over looked until life throws you a curveball and you have to react.

Right now, I’m wishing I was in carline. At home doing homework. On a conference call. Going through backpacks. Unloading the dishwasher. Folding laundry. Preparing science projects. Running to the grocery store. Cooking dinner. Running a Girl Scout meeting. All the things I normally do, I wish I was in the midst of them now.

I know we will recover. The big kids will be upset when Abby and I are not there to greet them. That is their normal and they will be blindsided too, But being blindsided doesn’t mean your down and out. It just means we will try our best to prepare for this the next time it wants to strike. We take our hit, but we can still bounce back. Usually the comeback kids have the greatest stories to tell, and Abbys’ is just getting started. She’s a super strong ‘boss lady’ and this won’t keep her down long.


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