10 Oct 2014

Mama and Mia: A Mother Daughter Vacation to Puerto Rico

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She is my first born daughter. She will be one of my best friends. She is apart of me I never knew existed. She is my heart and soul. She is a one in a million child that I now know even better than before, and can’t wait to watch her blossom into the amazing woman I know she will become in years that are around the corner.

She is my Mia.
Puerto Rico With Kids

In August, I had the opportunity to take a few days (thanks to some very special people- thank you Lynn for watching my other precious babies) so that I could wish Mia away for a few days to a special adventure to Puerto Rico. For a few days, we held hands while walking through the cobblestone streets of Old San Juan, we held hands while snorkeling in the Condado Lagoon, we laughed about silly adventures we had together and we bonded over late night s’mores on the beach and long talks before bed.

It had never dawned on me the impact that taking a one on one trip with my daughter, would have on my relationship with her. It’s stronger. It’s solid. It’s something I never want to loose. That bond between mothers and daughter is one like no other. I’m excited to

I had never been “out of the country” and neither had Mia and because Dad and Jake have been on some fun hunting trips together, we thought Mia, 2nd in the ranks around here, would really enjoy some one on one time with Mom.

I didn’t realize the impact that this trip would have on my relationship with my daughter. This very first mother-daughter bonding has become a game changer in the way my relationships will flourish, not only with Mia but my other daughters as well. Memories we shared in this trip are ones I will never forget.

Among the hustle and bustle of everyday life with four kids, a job, and life, I was able to spend alone time with one child and realize how I will be able to connect and really forge the bond of a friendship with not only her, but all of my daughters.

I will always cherish my memories from Puerto Rico with Mia where I was able to reconnect with her, as well as rejuvenate myself. It was an unforgettable experience.

Read about my adventures in Puerto Rico with Mia on the Trekaroo blog. (My most favorite vacation to date.)

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