17 Aug 2015

Having Kids Won’t Be The End of The World…Promise!

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See this picture of this light house? I look it lying down in the grass. A new perspective on this beautiful piece of art. That’s how I feel about kids. They give you a new way to look at the world. And it’s definitely not the end.

I recently meet a new friend and awesome travel blogger Kara, from Kara on the Coast, on a recent press trip to Ponte Vedra. She is this sweet, adorable, soooooooooo smart and brilliant! She’s married to an amazing guy and has an awesome personality! She’s the kind of person who you meet and just instantly connect with. And we totally hit it off! 

I love her travel & lifestyle blog and on a recent post, she asked a question I felt compelled to answer… When you have kids, does that means the fun has to end? My answer… Having kids won’t mean the end of the world… I promise.

While Kara and I are definitely in different stages in life, there is nothing wrong with that at all. I’m always saying “to each his own” and I completely believe that everyone has their path and there’s nothing wrong with the path you choose. Do I long to have a day with no kids and often think about how easy it might be with one or even two, not four?!? Yes! Of course I do! (Especially, on those really rough and tough days!) But…Would I trade my life with anyone for even a second?! Never.

The fun you have with kids is definitely different than the fun you have before kids. Yes, a baby changes everything, but change is just life. 

We did choose to have kids at a younger age, but I could see the advantages of possibly waiting until we were older too, but that wasn’t what was planned for us. So many pros and cons to weigh…

I promise you will not have to cut your hair, wear “Mom” jeans or red capris or drive a mini-van (I don’t and have 4 kids). I do promise you that you will learn that there is a whole new world you never knew existed once you enter Motherhood and it is the coolest, most awesome land that ever existed. 

You will rock Motherhood just like you are rocking life now. Yes, it’s change. Yes, it’s scary but that’s when the magic happens in life. But YOU make your life happen. You always will. 

No need to rush. Take one day at a time. Everything happens for a reason. Do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

A Pink Palace on the beach might seem like a far fetched dream for some,  but I would say that nothing in life is not possible. Believe in the possible. Fun with kids is definitely possible.


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Marisa is a Mama to 4 kids and resides in Tampa, Florida with her family. Connect with her on Twitter @TampaMama to learn more about Tampa Bay and things to do with kids, Florida family travel, travel adventures and tips or her secret parenting tips for staying alive while wrangling 4 kids. She has a "official" business background in marketing + PR + events, but now plays daily with social media strategy, brand development and digital media. Days are long. Life is short.

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    Amen, sister! #preach

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