29 Sep 2017

MOM HACK #351 from This Busy Tampa Mama: Walmart Grocery Online & Pickup Service is GENIUS

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My typical day with 4 kids 13 and under tends to be quite a blur.





Preschool playtime.






Buddy’s Birthday. (Yes. We threw the dog a birthday party. In my defense, it was his first. And his last.)

THE DAYS ARE NEVER ENDING.  And they are each filled with so much good stuff, that it is hard to fit in the things that are the no-so-fun-stuff. Like grocery shopping.

Running from school to work to school to baseball to volleyball, home for homework and dinner and then, “OMG! WE ARE OUT OF EVERYTHING!” And then, this happens…

“Come on!  We have to go to the store.”


This is a typical response from my kids when I say we have to go to the store. Sound familiar?  And frankly, I don’t want to go to the store either!  I have 500 other things I need to do and running around the store is not one of them. Yes, I too dread walking into the store with 3 or 4 kids in tow too. They might not be babies any more, but the complaining and whining might be worse! OR!  They want to buy everything IN the store and now my quick trip to the store has cost me a fortune when I really only came for paper towels and milk!

My motto: Work smarter . Not harder. How do I manage to do all the things?  With 4 kids, I have had to get creative. And smart.

And Walmart Grocery Online & Pick Up Service is a GENIUS MOM HACK I wish I had had when my oldest was a newborn. And it is the only way I can efficiently get 500 things done and still have the energy for all the things I want to do.

I try my best to be as efficient with every moment of my day as possible and now with Walmart Online Grocery shopping, I am totally killing it in the Mom game! Why you ask? Because I can basically shop in bed, roll up to the store and never have to leave my car! WINNING!  And when I already have to be at 4 place at one time, shopping while at baseball practice, a pick up at dance, then a pop over to Walmart to pick up the items I needed to pack 400 lunches for the week, makes this Mama a happy camper. And we all know that when Mama is happy, everyone is happy!

Walmart Grocery Store Pick Up

Two words: GAME CHANGER!  This service is a no brainer for any busy Mom.  There are no mark ups, no getting out of your car while the baby sleeps, no more waiting in line for 15 minutes for 5 things!  I used to say that I would pay triple the price for milk when my son slept in the car and all I needed was a gallon of milk. Not anymore!  These Mama’s today have it made!  Now I can do exactly what I dreamed of doing year ago. And if you are procrastinator, and have waited until the last minute, no need to worry!  You can easily shop at ballet practice and find a same-day Walmart pick up location that will have your groceries ready for you in a hot second.

Try Walmart’s Free Online Grocery Pickup! You don’t even have to get out of your car. That means less stress and more family time after school. Use the code MOMHACKS at Walmart.com/grocery to save $10 off your first order of $50 or more.

How it works:

For more tips and how you too can have the best school year ever, download this family guide to the best school year ever! With dozens fun ideas to make learning and school success a part of your child’s life beyond the classroom, this is an awesome resource. Plus, you’ll find a free mini poster for your child, online grocery discounts, and more!  

Tampa Mama- First Day of School 2017

What other MOM HACKS do you have?!  I can use all the hacks you’ve got!  Besides cloning myself, I am always up for learning how other busy Mama’s do thier thing. Hop on over to Instargram and tell me!

(If you want to see what I buy on my weekly Walmart shopping trip, check out all the lunches make with my weekly shopping list! )IMG_9151

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