Welcome to Tampa!

Tampa Mama knows Tampa!


Obviously, I live in Tampa and love Tampa. I blog about what is going on in Tampa that might interest who live in Tampa. Follow me on Twitter at UCTAMPA (Urban Corridor Tampa) as I mainly tweet about what is happening in my neck of the woods that others might also want to know about. (I have a large network of friends in the community and they are the best and what they do here in Tampa. If I can be of assistance, let me know!)

Tampa + Kids

My crew consists on 4 kids, 9-8-4 & 18 months. Yup. That’s alot of kids. Enough said. You get the picture.


Travel +Tampa + Florida

Love to travel? Visiting Tampa? Moving to Tampa?  Thinking about a vacation? Live here and want to know where to go? This blog is the place to start!

Yes, I talk a lot about Tampa, but we also travel from Tampa to many neighboring cities around Florida and then some!  We are so lucky to live in the best place to do this. I am contributing freelance writer to many travel websites and publications, so please be sure to contact me if you think my audience would enjoy learning about your establishment or destination! You can read all about my worldly family travel adventures on Trekaroo.com. (Best family travel site around!) And if you are ever wondering about how to travel with 6 suitcases, feel free to ask…I definitely have that question covered too!

And trust, me…Look who is on the cover of the 2015 Downtown Tampa Florida Guidebook!  I must know what I talking about, right?


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