02 Jun 2014

Best Swimming Lessons for Kids in Tampa Bay

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My fourth little one has finally started swimming lessons. Being that she is 22 months old, I know she should have started younger, but that’s another story.

Living in Florida, swimming lessons are a must. Early on. No matter what. We have lakes, rivers, pools and the Gulf of Mexico in our backyard and don’t you want your child to have fun enjoying all that Florida has to offer?

I’m writing this article because I read another article on the Today Moms Blog that highlighted another blogger from Delighted Momma who was talking about a near drowning experience. It can happen. So quick. And if it does. Your kid shod be ready incase you aren’t. One second. That’s all it takes.

My personal experience with swimming lessons with my kids has all been through Seal Swim School. I cannot say enough positive things about their approach to teaching children how to swim, learning the “monkey walk” to get out of the pool and how to “find the wall.” All of my children have learned here and that’s why we are back one final time.

I have compiled a list of my personal recommendations as to who has lessons and where you can go to find out more information. Some we have also tried, others I have friends who have highly recommended them as well.

My advice: Do it. Spend the money or do it yourself. They might not like the lessons at first, but they will get used to it. There are many methods to teaching young children how to swim, or survival techniques. Find one you believe in and you can’t go wrong.

Seal Swim School

Infant Swimming Resource- Multiple Locations

YMCA of Tampa Bay


City of Tampa Parks and Recreation- Sulpher Springs Pool

Swim Kids USA- Multiple Locations

Thank you to Cigna for sponsoring this post with tips on how to make this a safe summer for all our little swimmers!

Cigna Swim Tips

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  1. Reply Jenny says:

    We did Seal Swim School for our trio (started at 5mo with the first…..later with the other two) and LOVED it.

    My good friend teaches ISR at the Bob Sierra YMCA, but I didn’t know her back when we did Seal.

  2. Reply Run DMT says:

    My kids went through Swim Kids and free swim lessons through the YMCA. Now, I’m teaching my youngest myself. Many people I know love Seal and ISR. I try to incorporate some of the ISR techniques into what I’m teaching my three year old.

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