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30 Apr 2015

Adventures: First Day of Mom 2.0 Summit, Scottsdale, AZ #Mom2Summit

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What exactly is a blogging conference you ask? Take a little business, mix with pleasure and stir in amazing, wonderful, intelligent and outgoing people, pour into a fabulous place to stay (The Phoenician in Scottsdale, AZ) and viola! The Mom 2.0 Summit is perfected. The last one I attended, Blissdom, was just as amazing, and if you are a part of this small corner of the internet , find your tribe, make new friends and head to one to meet super sweet people that you could consider “your people.”

Here are a few pictures from day 1:








26 Apr 2015

5 Trades Away: Helping With Chopsticks #5TradesAway

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A fabulous friend and inspirational mover and shaker, Maria Bailey, has put out a challenge, which started actually as her homework assignment. I read about the once before where a kid took a toy car and traded up until he got a real one. Maria has gone. Step further and has challenged us to trade away, but there’s one catch…we give it away to be auctioned off in the end to help other Moms. Brilliant.

I’m all for helping make the world a better place and have decided I will use her chopsticks to trade do my part to help. Many hands make light work.

About the cause: (From Diaries of a Blue Suit Mom)

“Each day, 800 moms die due to complications in pregnancy and childbirth. Many of these women live in villages in Uganda and die because they can’t get to a clinic. Imagine. Better yet, watch this video to understand the magnitude.

Pulse, a company building village transports that universally hook to the back of any bike or motor scooter, is working with health care organizations to supply Village Ambulances to remote communities. I will be going to Uganda in June to work with Pulse on maximizing their efforts. I’m excited and grateful for the opportunity but most of all, passionate about this cause.

Giving birth is a blessing, it shouldn’t be a death sentence. We deliver our babies in clean birthing suites and these mothers can’t even get to a clinic.”

I’m only 5 Trades Away. Life depends on it.

Do you have something you can trade with me? Would you like your own pair of chopsticks? How can you help?!

Sign up here. Get your chopsticks and start trading. You only have until May 1st!

For additional information or thoughts, feel free to email the creator of 5 trades away at or on a Twitter at @MomTalkRadio.

Follow Pulse on Twitter too.

26 Apr 2015

My #BeautyStory: Make the world a beautiful place.

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This is my #BeautyStory

We all have a choice on what we can teach our children. I choose to teach them what my Mom taught me…

When I was little, I remember my Mom getting ready for school (she’s a teacher) and I would tell her she looks beautiful and she would respond, “Beauty is much more than how I look. Beautiful people can make the world a beautiful place.” It was something I didn’t understand until much later. She raised me to be a confident, smart, genuine, woman, that always told me I could do anything and be anything I believed I could be. My inner beauty shines from her as I know that beauty means so much more just how I feel, it’s about how others feel too and what you can do to help others. She raised two beautiful daughters and now I’m raisin three beautiful daughters and can’t wait to share my beauty story with them.


Having three daughters of my own, I know they watch my every move. What I do to get ready. What I wear. How I treat people. What I say. What I do. They even watch how I feel.

We talked about being beautiful the other day, and what I learned was proof that it’s up to me to teach them what beauty means.

I told my girls they are beautiful. But I ask they if they know what that means. My 5 year old, Shelby said it best.

Photo Credit:

She excitedly said, “A butterfly!”

I said, “Yes, but why is a butterfly so beautiful?”

“Well, when it’s in it’s shell, it’s not that pretty. But I know it’s pretty. And that’s why you should treat caterpillars like they are the most beautiful animals on the planet. You never know what it’s going to be when it grow up! Butterflies are the nicest and most beautiful creatures on the planet. And the butterfly makes the world a beautiful place too.”

Right there. My five year old had told me the answer. Teach them confidence. Team them to be nice. Teach them to choose to be the beautiful people I know they are. Teach them to take care of themselves and others so the world can be a better place. Others will see the beauty that lies beneath. Once it is unearthed, all the beautiful people will make the world a better place.


We now have a beauty talk when ever I can evoke a conversation about why that was beautiful. I love the word and love showing my children all the beauty in the world, in themselves and how they can make the world beautiful too. I say exactly what my Mom would say to me, “Beautiful people make the world a beautiful place.” I finally understand what my Mother taught me.


There is so much I want to pass on to my daughters about being a woman, empowering them to make a difference, choosing to be the beautiful people I know they are. I want to raise happy kids. I know they will make the world a better place.

Being beautiful is a state of mind. And the mind is powerful. Their beauty holds to power. I will teach them to use their powers for good. They are beautiful. I am beautiful and together there is no stopping our beauty.




I am attending the Mom 2.0 Summit in Scottsdale, AZ and was asked to share my #BeautyStory if desired. I have not been compensated for this post in anyway shape, or form. I do not work for Dove although I do love what they stand for.

24 Apr 2015

Tampa Mama Top Picks: Screen on the Green and Friday Extra Concert Series

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There are some pretty awesome family friendly events coming to parks in the City of Tampa. Mark your calendar, bring the kids, and pack a picnic! Here is what you need to know:

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20 Apr 2015


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Naptime with Theo and Beau

16 Apr 2015

A Vision of Hope: The CARES Foundation Gala

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I’m actually living my dream. Right now. I’m in a state of euphoria that seems somewhat surreal because all my wishes came true and are happening before my eyes. The ones I prayed and prayed and prayed for that I wished so hard on every star and promised God the world if he would make them come true.


I get to see my son play baseball. I get to watch my daughters in a recital. My children excel in school. They are kind. They are happy. They aren’t sick. I get to put my children to bed each night in their own bed. They are healthy happy and living a normal life. THIS is the life I dreamed of that I wasn’t sure would be a reality.
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11 Apr 2015

Mama Loves: To Look Good- Blo Blow Dry Bar Tampa

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Am I right?! I know. It’s hard. Trust me taking a shower, wrangling kids while attempting to curl your hair, cook dinner and apply make-up is always fun ( I know) but come on… WHEN, was the last time you looked REALLY good? I mean the last time you took an uninterrupted shower, dried your hair and spruced up to do something fabulous?! I know my navy blue yoga pants are my tried and true, but I’m beginning to think people might think that’s all I own. Going to the grocery store, running errands, chasing a toddler might not be the most glamorous job (and she doesn’t mind my yoga pants) but I will say, I do feel better about my whole day if I’m put together, ready to conquer the day.

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06 Apr 2015

Easter With My People

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Monday Motto: Keep it real.


A simple day. Just us. No fuss. Just family time. We cooked together. We laughed. One of the best holidays.





04 Apr 2015

Push Away The Screen: NCAA Women’s Final Four in Tampa Bay Florida

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Did you head down to Amalie Arena to experience the NCAA Women’s Final Four while it was here? Are you planning on going?

Do it. Make it down there. Push away that screen and get your kids out for a day they won’t forget. Thanks to the Sports Commission of Tampa Bay for all the work they have put into making Tampa the host city for the 2015 NCAA Women’s Final Four.

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