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03 Dec 2014

Christmas in NYC

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A weekend in pictures. Must visit places. Best if you sit back and enjoy New York City while you are here.










11 Nov 2014

Family Friendly Dinner and a Movie at Studio Movie Grill Opens in Tampa

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Studio Movie Grill has recently opened in north Tampa at the University Square Mall. Their state of the art theatre and newly renovated high tech theatre is a perfect place to brain the whole family for dinner and a movie (or even date night if you are that lucky.)

Compared to the Cinebistro in Hyde Park Village or Wesley Chapel, Studio Movie Grill was definitely more inviting to families as the other dine-in theaters have an over 18 age policy. They have a kids menu too which is always nice to have.

The seats were super comfy, lots of room, the sound was amazing and the 3D movie (Big Hero 6) was the best ones I have seen to date in a theatre. Service was great and we had an awesome time too. Can’t beat it!





19 Oct 2014

What I Hope She Remembers

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What will she remember?
No ones for sure I guess.
But there are somethings I know deep down,
And I’m certain of this, more than less.
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05 Oct 2014

What I Know From One Decade of Being a Mom

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Well, this one hit me pretty hard.


He’s ten. He’s amazing. He’s made me into the person I am today.

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26 Sep 2014

5 Tips To Survive a Hospital (AKA Parent Prison) Stay With Your Child

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For me, a hospital is very much like the only prison I will ever know. I watch a few random prison TV shows (who doesn’t) and have seen OITNB and feel like a hospital stay with kids is very similar. You have to know the tricks to survive. It keeps you away from loved ones. Some people on the “inside” can tell you the reality of how it is and what you need to do to survive. And if you make enemies, watch out. Because they will hold your freedom (discharge papers) hostage or at least tie them up in approval land and it could take much longer for you to leave.

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24 Sep 2014

Having 4 Kids Means Having Your Hands Full … But Not For Long

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Scene: A lady walks into Target with 4 kids. You immediately say, “Boy! You sure you have your hands full!”
I hear it 15 times a day or more.
You don’t say! Really? 

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22 Sep 2014

Where Did September Go?

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It’s always the quickest month of the year. Full of new routines, new schedules and a world of possibilities for what’s to come ” this year.” Can’t keep up… But here’s a glimpse of what we’ve been up in pictures.

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03 Sep 2014

Best Family Events in Tampa -Fall/ Holiday 2014

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It’s that time of year again when the City of Tampa puts out some AMAZING holiday and fall family fun for everyone to enjoy! My family has attend all these events in the past and LOVES them all! These are somebody the many reasons I LOVE Tampa and enjoy living in the City of Tampa!

Here are a list of upcoming events. More information can be found on the City of Tampa website.

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25 Aug 2014

This Is Five

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14 Aug 2014

I Love That I’m Not Alone

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I was sad to hear about Robin Williams death for a number of reasons. I believe depression itself is masked by many people in so many ways. And also can come on to anyone during any point in their life. Read more